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Electron Beam Welding

Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. is a leading specialist in high precision electron beam welding and laser welding, serving multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, communications, electronics, jewelry, medical, oil and gas exploration, semi-conductors, sensors, transportation and commercial uses. Our technicians have multiple years of experience in a wide field of specific applications, such as sensor design, high-pressure weld joints, turbine and piston engine components, aerospace (civil and sports), defense and armaments.

EBE Welding Machine
EBE Welding Machine with 12" Vacuum Cube



Electron Beam Engineering provides a full service experience including:

Joint Design Assistance – We can help you select the best weld joint design for your projects.
Engineering Assistance – We can provide you with various weld tooling options for your projects.
Material Selection– We can advise you on the best weldable material option for your projects.
Helium Leak Detection Services – Testing capabilities to 10-10 std cc/sec sensitivity.
EB Equipment Sales Reps – We Represent the EBES Beamer Line of EB Welders to assist you with all your equipment requirements.

A Precision Electron Beam and Laser Welding Service

Provide top quality welds and on-time delivery at a competitive price.

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